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As the name would suggest every Moo Custom Board is hand crafted. Without getting bogged down into to much technical detail, here is an idea of some of the things that go into a Moo Custom Board.

Firstly we carefully source the finest quality composite components, over the years we have become quite the connoisseur of the composite!!

For starters the EPS core of the board is of the highest quality. Designed for a long life whilst still maintaining a competitive weight, we use a custom manufactured density foam derived from our experience and experimentation.

Airex high density (PVC) foam, encapsulates the EPS core, this is fitted in two separate stages. The first to bond the PVC to the bottom of the board. The board is then shaped and the deck PVC bonded to the top. The beauty of a hand crafted situation over a moulded situation is the deck and bottom of the board are fully butted up together requiring no foaming filler. This process is the strongest and lightest available but the most time consuming and technically difficult.

Carbon,Kevlar and Innegra reinforcements  all go in the mix. Aerialite S Glass reinforcement is our glass of choice, three times the price of regular glass but for a reason..we think it’s the best!! all vacuum laminated for the perfect resin to reinforcement ratio, each board is vacuumed four times during the build, two laminating the HD foam to the EPS core and the final two are the top and bottom laminations.

Vacuum laminating is an relatively simple but powerful technique, fundamentally the board is placed in a very large bag the air removed creating an environment where atmospheric pressure is your assistant. So when fitting the PVC outer foam it acts as a huge clamp and when laminating it ensures all the air is removed from the laminate and the correct resin to reinforcement is achieved. Of course there is loads more to it!!

Bju9wUVIUAAW8S0Deck PVC lamination in vacuum bag

After extensive testing we are pleased to be exclusively using bio based epoxy resin systems in our board construction. The amazing thing is not only are they better for the environment, the workshop environment but they are actually offer a significant increase in performance, a true win win situation.

Bio Moo





Chinook are our inserts of choice, all capped for a long life. This is all hand finished in our unique two pack polyurethane paint with an epoxy non slip system. Moo Custom Carbon Slot Boxes are an option too for multi fin boards to keep the weight down.

Moo Custom Slot Box




The accuracy of our build process enables us the finish the board without the need for filler which is why we can use naked carbon constructions, some manufacturers show a lovely naked bit of carbon in the middle of the board but not the important part the rails! We’re proud to get out rails out!!


So what’s the deal. The build process is between 8 to 11 weeks from commissioning, this of course depends  on how busy we are in the workshop but as a guide we’re usually busy so get your order in quick!! The main Moo Man will get in touch with you via e mail, phone etc. to have a detailed discussion on your requirements, things like where you sail, what kit you use now, your size, favourite mooves etc. to build a full brief of your desired Moo Custom board, nothing technical is discussed unless of course it’s your thing!!

Some of our board designsNWF Bottom10390970_10152811773633156_1409703643911951666_n




A Moo Custom in standard construction will be lighter, stronger, stiffer and way cooler than an equivelent production board, production boards are great but are mass produced in far away lands not hand built with many skilled labour intensive processes. A good start is to Contact the Shaper it’s our job to make sure you get the right board, we listen and advise, we know the technical stuff so you don’t have too!!



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