Stu Moo bill

This is the bit where custom board builders slag off production boards, then usually start importing them or bring out their own range of production boards!

The truth is production boards are the best they have ever been, great shapes good weights & strong constructions. So why buy a Moo Custom? Well we embrace the challenge.

We are not governed by expensive moulds & tooling costs, we can build exactly what you want, in whatever construction you want. Of course every board is built by hand so the strength to weight ratio is unsurpassed, we vacuum every layer consequently each board is vacuumed four times during building.

With over 20 years composite experience including engineering in a leading aerospace company building helicopter blades we feel confident in our constructions. In board building it’s a lot easier to build a strong heavy board than a strong light one, we specialize in the strong & light variety, a heavy great shape becomes not such a good shape!

We could go on about carbon & exotic materials but carbon used the wrong way can do more harm to a board than conventional e glass on its own. We do of course use carbon, Kevlar, etc. we have even invented Mooarbon Jackanora. We are proud not to use polyester car filler on our boards or repairs, NO FILLER ALL KILLER.