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Streamlined Univesal Tendon Joint for Euro pin Quick-lock Base Plate


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Streamlined Univesal Tendon Joint for Euro pin Quick-lock Base Plate


 Important Deck Plate not included. Click here for Complete Mast Base.

The “Quick-lock” board attachment system allows you to connect and disconnect the board from the rig below the joint as well as above the joint with the Euro pin. The deck plate that remains on the board and is the thinnest, smallest, least obtrusive board connection in windsurfing. The Quick-lock system is super strong, proven in giant surf, for many, many years with not one failure. It has low bend point, on center, free rotating above and below the joint and tried and true Quick-lock design lasts forever and will not let you down. It comes with the original, best tendon joint available [including 3 line Dyneema safety, gets you back without damaging your board] and Euro pin to connect to Euro pin extensions. All these things together in this design, the Quick-lock, the tendon joint, the Euro pin, is the best, two screw board attachment and joint of all. Pro-tested!

It only  weighs 331 grams