We’re proud that every one of our Moo Custom Boards is expertly hand crafted by us. Here’s how we do it.

At the core of the board is Expanded Polystyrene or EPS. In surfing often referred to as the “blank”, we carefully select the best quality and density blank for the longest life and best weight, everyone wants a board that is light and strong.

Monocoque sandwich construction techniques combines an EPS blank with a high density foam (PVC) outer layer. Moo Custom uses, Airex high density foam fitted to the blank it in two stages.  First we shape the bottom of the blank i.e vee, or a single or double concave. The bottom layer of HD foam is  laminated in position with epoxy, S glass and carbon then it all goes into a Vacuum bag with the rocker stick until it’s fully cured.

We hand shape the deck and rails ready for the PVC  deck to be bonded in place. The beauty of this hand crafted method is that the deck and the bottom of the board are fully and accurately butted up together – we don’t need the foaming fillers that moulded boards use. This careful and painstaking  process is the strongest and lightest available to board makers, also the most time consuming and technically difficult. Here at Moo Custom we pride ourselves on these techniques which we believe make the best boards.

Carbon, Kevlar and Innegra reinforcements  are employed under and over the sandwich along with Aerialite S Glass reinforcement, our glass of choice. It’s three times the price of regular glass but there’s a reason for that – it’s the best. Every board is vacuum laminated for the perfect resin to reinforcement ratio a total of four times during the build. The first two processes laminate the HD foam to the EPS core and the final two processes laminate the top and bottom composite matrix to create the perfect board.

Vacuum laminating is a powerful technique. The board is placed in a very large bag. When the air is vacuumed from the bag atmospheric pressure takes over  becoming  a huge  clamp on the PVC outer foam. Vacuum laminating the deck and bottom composite matrix ensures that all the air is removed from the laminate ensuring the correct resin to reinforcement ratio is achieved. We are very proud to be using exclusively bio based epoxy resin systems in our board construction. The amazing thing about this is not only are they better for the environment but that they also increase board performance significantly,  – a proper win win situation. Because our build process is totally accurate, we then finish the board without  filler using naked carbon and carefully sanded finishes to keep your board light and strong.

Chinook are our inserts of choice, all capped for a long life. This is all hand finished in our unique two pack expensive polyurethane yacht paint with an epoxy non slip system. Moo Custom Carbon Slot Boxes are an option too for multi fin boards to keep the weight down.

The build process takes up to eight weeks from your order, a detailed telephone/email chat to build a full brief of your desired board, nothing technical that’s our job, we ask questions like, where you sail, what kit you use now, your size, favourite mooves etc.

Some of our board designs.

Even a standard construction Moo Custom in will be lighter, stronger, stiffer than an equivelent production board, that said we also build extra light, extra robust, what ever you want! Contact the Shaper ,