Moo Custom Quad

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Moo Custom Quad from only £1,750

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  1. Andreas Breda
    5 out of 5


    Hi Jon,

    I hope everything is fine and going well? I am using my custom you shaped me now for over a year and I really wanted to tell you that I am super happy with the board. I’ve could test it in a broad range of conditions sideshore, side onshore, side offshore big waves, small waves light wind and strong winds. For me it is the best board i’ve had hands down. I use it mostly with 5.2 or 4.6 which is perfect on the board. It is very fast on the plane making me very mobile on the water especially in the whitewater and current which we have often in wissant. I have the feeling my sailing improved by using the board. Thank you very much and maybe we can have a beer in the future who knows. Best of luck.


    Andreas Breda

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