Moo Custom Trailer fin

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Moo Custom Trailer fin from only £1,649

A relatively new concept to windsurfing but slowly starting to catch on. You get the fun of a twin fin board with the added grunt and single fin feel from the little trailer fin in the middle. This is great for onshore, bigger riders/boards, freewave, real world etc.

Other benefits are flatter or faster rockers for early planning can be used without hampering that lovely turning sensation as the widely spaced outer fins help engage the rail, this is also why we can get away with wider tailed boards working so well.


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2 reviews for Moo Custom Trailer fin

  1. Jon kennett
    5 out of 5


    5 out of 5 Michael – June 4, 2014:
    Hi Jon

    Last weekend I had the first Time on my new Moo. I Never ever rode such a perfect Board in my 32 years of windsurfing experience. The Wind were realy gusty between 17 and 31 knots. I used a 6.4 excess and it works absolute perfect!!!!! Early planning, jibing, jumping, speed …….perfect!!!!
    Thank you for this realy stoked saturday and for the many many days on the water which will follows in the future!!!!!!


  2. admin
    5 out of 5


    5 out of 5 Darren – June 4, 2014:
    Hi Jon

    Thought I’d let you know I sailed new board today , all good news , love it . conditions were crappy bump and jump sort of nasty south coast chop no real waves today, pushed it limits with a 5.8 which actually didn’t seem too big on it and definitely got planing quicker than quad does yet more control though heavy chop , surprisingly quick which meant some nice airtime , turns on sixpence and takes lots of speed though turn , should be cracking when we next get some waves Yet again board is awesome and yet like nothing I ever sailed before , like the 100 it’s a board which has so much more ability than its pilot Cheers darren

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