Moo Custom Sail Sticker


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Moo Custom Sail Sticker

22cm and 58cm tip of ear to tip of ear in professional quality Black vinyl for a life time of joy

Fitting Instructions

Ensure that the surface planned for the sticker is clean of any grit or sand. Using a spray bottle ; spray a fine mist of soapy water over the area. The soapy water will allow the sticker to slide around and be moved or removed if necessary. If you decide to remove and reapply the sticker, re-spray the soapy water first, before putting the sticker back.

Once you’re happy with the location of the sticker, gently squeeze out the water, ideally with a squeegee . Do this from the centre, moving outwards.

Leave overnight to dry out completely, warning, once it’s stuck it’s stuck!!

tools of the trade







Your Mum’s plant Sprayer Full of water with a dash of Fairy Liquid



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